Sunday, 4 December 2011

7 things I cant do without - Narelle

 my old cat, Luke Skywalker

 a big sky - sunrise, sunset or storms

 coffee...somewhere cool like this cafe that had green bar stools, funky flowers, AND birds all over the walls!

 the promise of a dip in the ocean

 la familia (Pappa and Rhys at the beach)


my junk...I know I hoard...the first step is admitting it and asking for help

Sunday, 27 November 2011

new theme

Hey, how about "7 things I cant do without" this week?


Abstract shots by Narelle

 Abstract shapes and shadows of champagne wire
 blurry sunset colours

 Abstract art by Rhys aged 2.

 Bryn thinking laterally/abstractly

 an abstract concept...talking same time with your brother over the ocean

 patterns and abstracted shapes in nature

more of the same!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Architecture...everywhere, by Narelle

I apologise - I had to do a "Jase" and dip into the archives this week. 
A few of my favourite things - 

Walter Burley Griffin designed buildings (Willoughby Incerator Arts Centre)

Art in architecture...Sydney Biennale 2010

early Canberra Architecture, especially industrial...

Skeletal view, from the inside. China Town, Sydney.

the GOOD...Enrico Taglietti, Dickson Library

the BAD...local shopping centres
the UGLY...someones idea of expanding our minds through innovative civic thanks...

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Vertical Lines - Narelle

 Snails having a vertical race up the shed walls

 Verticals, Capital Hill

 new shoots heading straight for the sky

 late spring prunings in a vertical bunch

 tall branches of pussy willow

 verticals and horizontals in old window frames

vertical statement on the this background - it has that hyper-kodachrome colour of old summer polaroid prints

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Face by Jase

Loui has so many cool faces, with Candice in the background.

Sis pulling a face & her kids.

Nephews on the Climbers Memorial at Tasman Glacier & the South East face of Mt.Cook.
Painted faces ... dressed up for “The Crow” party.
A hairy face is the quest for Movember.

Facing the last ball of the innings & needing 2 runs to win the IP Cup ... hit a four through extra cover.

A very big face, at Angourie

Faces by Bron